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Beef carpaccio

with truffle oil and white ground pepper 60/30 gr

690 rub.

Salmon tartar

with avocado and cucumber salad 90/50/15/5 gr

690 rub.

Grilled prawns (NEW!)

with baked aubergine mousse and sesame 160/40/7 gr

790 rub.

Chicken breast paste (NEW!)

with fresh green salad leaves, bell peppers sauce

and crispy wheat crisps 90/30/6 gr

490 rub.

Cheese platter

brie, parmesan, cheddar, honey, grapes 130/50/20 gr

690 rub.


Caesar salad with sliced marinated chicken,

fresh romaine lettuce and rosemary 240 gr

590 rub.

Caesar salad with tiger prawns

fresh romaine lettuce and chopped parmesan 215 gr

790 rub.

Caesar salad with smoked salmon (NEW!)

fresh romaine lettuce and chopped parmesan 215 gr

690 rub.

«Greek» salad

classic 220 gr

390 rub.

Salad with traditional roast beef (NEW!)

grilled vegetable and honey flavor with mustard seasoning 205 gr

690 rub.

Salad with quinoa (NEW!)

celery fresh herbs and olive oil 330/20 gr

590 rub.

Salаd «Grill»                                                                    

with zucchini, bell peppers, aubergine,

cherry tomatoes and rocket salad 115 gr

390 rub.

Salad with yoghurt and celery (NEW!)

cucumbers, dill, parsley and cilantro with olive oil 165 gr

390 rub.


Asparagus cream soup

with truffle oil 250 gr

490 rub.

French velouté with mellow pumpkin (NEW!)

rich dried fruits, nutty basmati and creamy cappuccino 280/3 gr

290 rub.

Soup with honey mushrooms (NEW!)

champignons and porcini mushrooms 209/30 gr

250 rub.

Soup with dock leaf (NEW!)

lentil and fresh herbs 220/9 gr

250 rub.


Japanese buckwheat noodles soba

with fried chicken chops, vegetables and soybean sprouts  220 gr

390 rub.

Tortellini with ricotta (NEW!)

spinach, parmesan and pesto sauce 90/51 gr

490 rub.


carbonara 260 gr

390 rub.

Tagliatelle (NEW!)

with beef and vegetables 260 gr

590 rub.

Baked aubergines and mozzarella

with tomatoes and bell peppers sauce 200/30 gr

490 rub.


Ribeye steak

with gremolatа sauce 250/20 gr

medium  rare – recommended

1590 rub.

Dorado (NEW!)

marinated in white wine with vegetables 250/155 gr

1090 rub.

Filet mignons (NEW!)

with champignons, shiitake mushrooms

and creamy sauce with savory parmesan 90/115 gr

890 rub.

Beef Stroganoff tenderloin (NEW!)

with melting mashed potatoes and fresh mixed green salad 316 gr

690 rub.

Lamb chops

with curry sauce, black rice and grilled bell peppers 230 gr

890 rub.

Roasted lamb filet (NEW!)

with baked okra, bell peppers, zucchini

and champignons ratatouille with baby potatoes and turmeric 270 gr

890 rub.

Salmon steak (NEW!)

with quinoa and spinach in creamy oyster sauce 180/150/20 gr

1390 rub.

Delicious beef fillet

with marinated fuzhu specialty and spicy Thai sauce 50/100 gr

790 rub.

Red tuna fillet (NEW!)

with mellow orange dressing on zucchini bed 65/60/20 gr

790 rub.

Burger with succulent beef and melted cheese (NEW!)

tomatoes, red onion rings, baked bell peppers with Dijon mustard

and roasted country potatoes 290/120/30 gr

690 rub.


Steamed vegetables

broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and bell peppers  230 gr

190 rub.

Grilled vegetables

zucchini, aubergine, bell peppers

and cherry tomatoes with strawberry sauce 120/50 gr

290 rub.


black 150 gr

190 rub.


“country style” 100 gr

150 rub.

Bread basket

assorted 150 gr

150 rub.

Your choice of sauce:

thai  hot sauce, demi-glace, teriyaki,

sweet chili, soy, crema di balsamico, pesto, dijon mustard 50 gr

120 rub.


Viennese apple strudel

with vanilla ice cream 160/60/10 gr

490 rub.

Chocolate fondant

with vanilla ice cream 90/50/25 gr

390 rub.

Mille-feuille (NEW!)

with berries 146 gr

490 rub.

Honey cake (NEW!)

with berries 143 gr

390 rub.

Ice cream assorted:

vanilla, strawberry or chocolate 60/10 gr

150 rub.



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